Clicks Don’t Match? Understanding The Bot & Crawler Filtering

In a recent update, we completely changed our affiliate link system. Moving forward, affiliate tracking links will be from our tracking domain, the instead of the main Actionate domain.

Although this new system won’t kill the old links (in case if you’re still using them), this change was necessary for many reasons.

This new tracking system gives us better DDoS protection, less load on the server and more importantly, a more dedicated AI to filter crawlers, bot, and fake traffic.

Today’s post will provide answers to a concern that some of our affiliates have had since the release of this new system.

so, what’s the problem?

Some affiliates have been experiencing an inconsistency between the stats shown in link tracking services such as Clickmeter or Bitly and the numbers shown inside the Actionate affiliate dashboard.

It seems like Actionate affiliate dashboard isn’t showing some of the clicks, so why is that?

The Answer is simple…

Click tracking services such as Bitly or Clickmeter show bot, crawlers and fake traffic in their stats for the sake of accuracy but we don’t do that, here’s why:

Actionate’s AI filters this type of traffic right of the bat and doesn’t allow it to get any information from the website. This helps the website to run faster for real users and provide a better experience for everyone.

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