What Is Considered a Conversion on Actionate?

One of the biggest questions since we released the Actionate to the public, has been this: What is considered a conversion?

Actionate is the first ever cost per engagement network in the world, meaning that affiliates can earn commissions by simply sending traffic to their links, not sales.

A network like this is like a double-edged sword. It can be great because it’s the only one in the world, but at the same time, we have to be careful and watch for bad players who want to cheat the system.

After going public, our automated system is banning an average of 30 people a day for the attempt to cheat the system. In this article, I’ll do my best to explain conversions and what is considered a conversion on Actionate for your reference.

Like Google, We Reward Good Members and Punish Bad Ones

Here’s a simple explanation: If you follow the training we provided inside or use your own proven traffic strategies (like social media, lists and etc…) you will do good on Actionate and our system will reward you with higher commissions for sending great users (even if they don’t convert!)

And if you send bad traffic (such as bots, one-click automated traffic purchases or traffic exchange systems), the AI will decrease your commission per engagement until you receive a permanent ban (if you don’t improve over time and the amount of bad traffic can cause harm to our site and servers)

Let’s Dive Deeper…

Before I share more details, I want you to understand this: Like Google, in order to protect the integrity of our traffic quality for our advertisers, we can’t share every single detail because doing so will make it easier for bad users to cheat the system and our AI has to constantly play catch up with these bad players.

Here are some basic conditions of what dictates a conversion:

Time Spent to read the page: Our AI detects page reads (not based on the time spent on the page, but a complicated system that understands when a user is reading the content based on scroll behavior and mouse movement) and counts them as a plus (a plus is a sign that the user is real)

Page Interactions Such as Clicking a Link or Leaving a Comment: A real user might sometimes leave a comment, or click a link on the same page. This is also counted as a plus.

Video Views: Video views are by far the most important sign in Actionate conversions.

Note: Not every visitor you send have to match all of these conditions in order to be counted as a conversion. Sometimes, people don’t read a page, they just click on a link or watch a video for a couple of seconds. That is also considered a conversion and the AI uses a mix of many different factors to count a conversion.

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