How much an extra $2,000 in cash every month will change your life? Is it enough to make you a little bit happier?

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In today’s article, I’m going to explain how average people are earning extra cash online using a simple and effective passive income strategy.

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Now that you’re familiar with the basics, it’s time to learn about some of the details of this strategy. As you can tell, this passive income strategy mainly relies on free YouTube traffic, so it’s important to understand YouTube’s algorithm and the way it works.

Before I start explaining my top YouTube traffic strategy, here are some YouTube facts you should know about:

The Basics

Here’s how it works: You will produce simple slideshow videos that will take you less than 20 minutes to create, upload them to YouTube every day and drop your Actionate affiliate links in the description of each video you upload.

This daily upload strategy will help you build a “schedule’ with the YouTube algorithm which will help your videos rank better and better as you upload more videos.

How to Create Your YouTube Videos?

Your video has 2 elements: the slideshow and the voice over. You can create your slideshow with and download the pictures.

Canva provides dozens of professionally designed slide templates that you can use for your videos and you can access it all for free!

For the voice over, you can either use sites like to hire people to do a professional voice over or you can do it yourself! I personally do all of my voiceovers since it makes it easier to make changes and will save me time and money.

YouTube Thumbnails

The next step is creating your video thumbnails and to create an awesome thumbnail, you can use the same tool you used to create your slideshows, the Canva.

Canva allows you to use their awesome thumbnail templates to create eye-catching thumbnails for your videos and like the previous tool, this one is free as well.

Writing a Great Video Title

The final and most important step of this strategy is your title and to find the best one, you’ll need to learn from existing videos!

The steps are simple. Do a search on YouTube for the keywords you’d like to rank, for example, “lose weight fast without pills” and copy the title of the first 5 ranking videos (not ads)

Copy them into a text file, and combine them to create the best possible headline you can imagine. Get ideas from them and use them in your own title.

Finally, upload your video, add your title, thumbnail, and description with your affiliate link and wait for it until it gets views and the research for your next video!

Tip: You can also get thumbnail ideas from top-ranking videos and suggested videos sidebar!

Taking It to The Next Level

Now that you got the basics set, it’s time to get the most out of your existing videos and campaigns and to do that, I’m going to share a couple of free and paid methods to make more money online.

The goal with these extra efforts is to drive enough traffic to your videos and campaigns to optimize them for maximum conversions and sales, so don’t forget to watch out for changes in conversions, clicks, and sales.

Write a blog about it on is an article platform where thousands of people write articles to share their opinion and views on different subjects. It’s completely free and a great place to drive thousands of free targeted clicks.

In order for your efforts to work in Medium, you’ll have to write a great article so take your time, write about the subject in detail and do your research. Medium articles rank on Google search results and can drive thousands of clicks a day if done right.

Note: We have a full training section dedicated to Medium inside the members’ area, so you’ll get all of the training (and even done for you templates) you need when you become an Actionate member.

Start a Facebook group to boost your views

Another great way to drive traffic to your videos is Facebook groups. The strategy is simple:

  • Create a Facebook group
  • Join similar groups and find valuable members and ask them to join your group
  • Post valuable content to your group and help your members
  • Post an offer once in a while and ask them to check out the product or link

YouTube Ads

If you want to take an extra step in making sure your videos get views, YouTube ads are the fastest and easiest way to do so. They’re affordable, targeted and will help your organic search rankings, so if you’re willing to invest some money, you should consider YouTube ads.

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