Actionate’s Highest Paying Offer Pays You $2 Per Engagement!

Great news! We just added a brand new offer to Actionate that is paying $2 per lead and enagamenet!

This new new offer is our highest paying offer yet and is generating massive commissions for our members. In this video, you’ll learn about the nature of this offer, how it works and the most effective way to promote it and make money from it.

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The Basics

In order to access this offer, you need to login to your Actionate account, visit Marketplace and go to the E-Business & Marketing category. In there, you’ll need to look for the “Done For You Webinar” offer.

At the time of writing this article, this offer is trending at the top of the category but it might change in future, so make sure you scroll down if can’t find the offer at the top of the page, like shown in the video.