How to Make $100/Day on Facebook For Free

What if there was a way to make money on Facebook, without having to spend a dime on ads or online business tools?

Today’s video is going to teach you to generate a significant daily revenue using Facebook for free, using your Actionate account and using the tools we’ve already provided for you. Watch the video below to learn the basics before we move into the details:

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This is one of the easiest ways to set up an online business as fast as possible and generates passive income without much work. So let’s go over each step of this method in detail and explore other business and income possibilities of this passive income strategy.

Step 1: Get Your Tools and Information from Actionate

Login to your Account (or create one here if you don’t have one), then visit the Marketplace, go to the E-Business category and find the “Done For You Webinar” offer. Currently, this offer is ranking #1 and showing at the top but it might change in the future.

Copy your link and save it in a text file.

Then on the same page, click the “Elite Tools” and download one of the videos we’ve provided in there.

By the end of this section, you need to have your affiliate link and a video.

Step 2: Create Your Facebook Page

The next step is setting up your Facebook page. Go to Facebook and from the top menu, select Create and choose Page to create a brand new page.

Take a moment to add a header, description, a profile picture and some information to your Facebook page. It’s important to make your Facebook page as presentable and complete as possible.

Add a story, some posts, images, and some content and try to post or share something once every 6 hours on your page to establish it as an active page.

Use hashtags and keywords when posting content to make it easier for people to discover your page.

Step 3: Upload The Video to Your Facebook Page With Your Affiliate Link

The next step is to upload the video you downloaded from Elite Tools section on your Facebook page.

Add a nice description, some good keywords (at least 5) and a great and catchy headline.

Wait until the upload is complete and then, publish the video on your page and pin it to the top so everyone who visits your page will be able to see it.

Step 4: Drive Traffic to Your Page

The final step is the easiest.

All you have to do is to find other pages related to your page, leave comments and ask people to visit your page to watch the video you uploaded.

You can also use Facebook groups and also Facebook ads (if you’re willing to spend some money) to drive traffic to your Facebook page.

Why This Method Works?

Actionate is world’s first ever PPE network in the world that pays you (the affiliates) for every click they send.

Using this free Facebook passive income method will allow you to drive free traffic to your affiliate link and generating commissions, without having to spend hours to build sales funnels and websites.

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