May Update: More Commissions and More Training!

May update is here and with it, lots of new things are coming to Actionate! Watch the video below to learn what’s this update about and read the detailed article below to learn more about each specific update.

Major Updates:

New Training Modules: 3 New training modules were added. Pinterest, Twiter and Article marketing training was added. You can use the strategies and templates provided inside these new modules to earn more commissions using Actionate!

New Offers: 6 New offers were added since the beta release. A new category was added as well. We’re planning to approve a new offer every week on Actionate, so stay tuned for new offers every week!

New Link Format: Moving forward, old affiliate links will be replaced with the new short ones. Old links still work and will work forever but it’s important to use the new links in your future promotions. We had to retire the old link format due to some security concerns.

Minor Updates:

Beta Closed: Beta registration is officially closed and moving forward, new members need to register through the regular channel. Beta users will keep their accounts forever but won’t get new training updates (such as the ones we just released) and also commission increases.

Auto Commission Throttling AI: We used the beta experience to train our AI for more accurate traffic filtering. Moving forward, commissions will automatically go up and down based on your traffic quality. You can read more about conversions and engagements here.

Instant Ban Function: Now that our AI is fully trained, people who abuse their accounts and try to cheat the system with fake or bot traffic will be automatically suspended and their subscription will be canceled.

Update Log: We’ve added an exclusive news and update section to the footer. You can also go here to see the latest announcements and updates.

Blocked Countries: We decided to ban about 20 countries from joining Actionate due to security and customer experience porpuses. List of currently blocked countries:

Note: we might change or update this list. If we do so, you’ll find out about it in the next update.

Support Page Issues: There were some small issues with the support page and form. These issues are resolved and everything should be back to normal. We’ve also added more support staff for faster response.

Signup Bonus Increased: Signup bonus was increased from $5 to $8 to motivate new members to earn with Actionate!

Minimum Payout Increased: Minimum payout limit increased to $50 (recently $30). The reason behind this increase is the increase in the signup bonus.

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