Wouldn’t be awesome if you could just earn passive income from your laptop by uploading pictures? and here’s the crazy part: you don’t have to do much. You won’t even have to upload your own pictures…

If that sounds good, you should watch this training video from Sean Bagheri, Actionate’s CEO and founder:

Now, this is the where I share more details about this passive income strategy, so let’s jump into it…

First, you need to create an Actionate account for this strategy to work. Actionate is the first-ever Cost Per Engagement network in the world, meaning that you can earn money by sending traffic to your affiliate links.

You don’t have to generate sales, leads or anything like that, all you do is to generate traffic using this strategy and other training videos provide inside the members’ area (more on that below)

Second, you’ll have to create an account on Medium.com and Canva.com (they’re both free).

Here’s the strategy:

You will have to find a product you’d like to promote from Actionate marketplace, then create an infographic for it using Canva, and then publish it on Medium and link the article and infographic to your Actionate affiliate products.

Third, follow the research strategy and create your infographic. Use google to search for interesting topics related to the Actionate product you’re going to promote and transfer that information in small bits and pieces into the infographic.

and Finally, write a short article on medium.com and add your infographic to the article with your Actionate links.


The strategy explained in the video above takes less than 20 minutes of your time every day. Doing this once a day for 30 days can lead to massive commissions on Actionate, up to $300 a day without having you sell anything…

If you’re ready to create your Actionate account, click the button below to get started:

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