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    • Aaron Firestone
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      Hi everyone, I’m wondering if anyone is using email marketing to generate commissions on Actionate? If yes, could you share some details with us?

      I’m planning to get into it in the next couple of days so wanted to see how’s everyone doing.

    • Kate Sareen
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      I’m generating some emails with a squeeze page, then sending them to my Actionate links. It works ok and helps you build a list. so here’s the basics:

      optin page > actionate link

      then, email followups to more actionate links or offer.

    • Jack Faulkes
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      Big email marketer here! I capture the email with some free info, then presell them something for 7 days before pitching another product. Works all the time.

    • David Rosenfeld
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      To be honest email marketing is becoming harder and harder. I have a big list but social media is my main focus. A good instagram or Facebook account is much better than an email list IMO.

    • Danny Darwin
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      I think the commissions you earn on Actionate aren’t big enough to justify email marketing. For actionate, I recommend direct traffic from YOUTUBE and social media.

    • Eric Clark
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      I agree with Danny. I do email marketing, but not for Actionate commissions. Here’s my basic strategy:
      opt-in > video training > sales page/affiliate link

    • Brandon Pearlman
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      Here’s my email marketing strategy:
      I first send them to a quiz page,
      then after they finish the quiz, I capture their name and email
      then send them to an affiliate offer.
      and also, provide a bonus in my followup emails to get them to purchase the product.

Viewing 6 reply threads
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