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    • Kate Sareen
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      Hi everyone, I’m really excited about the forum. Wanted to see how’s everyone and start a topic where everyone share’s their source of passive income.

      You don’t have to be detailed, just vague explanation would be awesome, so everyone can learn a thing or two. I’m going to start!

      I’m currently making some money on Actionate, and looking into Clickbank too. I found a great Clickbank course (let me know if you’d like to know about it).

      I’m also looking to start a shopify store but currently, my main income is coming from Actionate and the adsense revenue from my YouTube channel.

      I’m also going to do some affiliate marketing with my YouTube channel, so we’ll see how it goes.

      Share yours!

    • Jack Faulkes
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      I use YouTube videos and ads to generate email leads. Then I send them 7 emails and presell them before I pitch another product and make money.

      For more details, I recommend getting Aversity Gold Masterclass, because it has a bonus course called the “7 Touch Funnel” where you can learn this business model.

      Also, here are the tools I use:
      Landing page builder: Clickfunnels
      Autoresponder (email software): Aweber
      Domains: Godaddy ( i recommend getting the domain club, it saves you hundreds a year!)

    • David Rosenfeld
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      I’m currently using Actionate and making some commissions on Clickbank. Here’s Sean’s video on the best way to earn passive income on Clickbank:

      • Aaron Firestone
        Post count: 8

        This was the first video I watched from Sean. It was great!

    • Danny Darwin
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      I want to make YouTube videos starting next year. Here’s my plan:

      First, make 3 videos a week, in one of them, promote an affiliate product to make some commissions.

      Then after a while, when i become eligible for YouTube adsense, I’m also going to run ads and make money from YouTube ads.

      Then after a while when I reach 10k subs, I’m going create my own digital product and launch it on YouTube and see how it goes.

      What do you guys think?

      • Jacob Newman
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        that’s a great idea Danny. I’m also looking into video marketing and YouTube too!

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