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    • Jack Faulkes
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      I’m going to kickstart this conversation with my own top performing SEO strategies:

      1. Focus on the long content: based on my blogging experience, long and detailed content (at least 2,000 words) works the best. Be detailed, use images, videos, charts and etc…

      2. Create a community: Start a conversation around your content. I once saw a WP plugin where you could download a special guide (premium content) if you would leave a comment on a blog post that was at least 20 words and had some “keywords” in it. Anyway, it was an interesting approach.

      3. Use video: It’s a great idea to create a good video along side your long content. This will help you create a related video for the long article you published and will also drive traffic from YouTube and helps your search engine rankings.

      So here are my top SEO tips…Share your good ones below!

    • Eric Clark
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      I have about 20 keyword based blogs making me about $200 a week in Clickbank commissions and one thing I’ve learned is this: SEO is all about your content and how well your article is written.

      You should focus on the headline, use keywords but make it catchy, Google is becoming smarter and knows what you mean in a headline.

      For example, a bad headline is this: how to make money in 2020
      a Good headline: Want to make money in 2020? This will surprise you!

      You get the idea.

      The next one is your article or content itself. Be specific, use examples, images, videos, all kinds of media, and make it at least 2000 words long.

      These are my top SEO findings which I’m sure going to work for 2020 and beyond

    • Jacob Newman
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      The best SEO practice in my opinion is called Skyscraper article method. This is a practice where you as the writer create long and detailed articles that can be up to 6,000 words.

      The idea here is to provide detailed content, so user will spend a long time reading the article, and interacting with it. Skyscraper articles also are a big link building tool because since they’re detailed, they rank quick and other websites link to them as a resource.

    • Brandon Pearlman
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      I think one of the best ways to improve SEO is to have user generated content on your website, like this forum on Actionate. Think about how many people are seeing the topics on search results and come to Actionate.

      A forum or a small community is a great way to improve SEO, generate more leads and sales.

    • Aaron Firestone
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      I agree with jack on videos. I heard video is becoming pretty big. Even Sean has mentioned this in past. A video at the top of your article can change everything. People will stay longer, watch the video, and read the content which results in better bounce rate.

      I think 2020 is going to be the biggest year for SEO changes and updates.

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