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    • Alex
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      Hi guys, Actionate long time member here. So I was wondering how’s everyone doing and making money online this year, your opinion on the future of the online business world and your online business methods or income! Anything that can help everyone else to learn something, so get the convo started!

      I’m going to start with myself! I’m currently making about $3,000 a month online with Actionate, and I’m using YouTube ads to drive traffic to my landing pages, where I collect leads and then send them to Actionate PPE offers and make money.

      I’m using a couple of other methods but what I mentioned above is my main online income method. So let me know what’s your main way to make money online!

    • Danny Darwin
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      I’m doing ok with Actionate, but I think I can do better. Currently making about $200 a week with the system. I’m mainly focusing on the Pinterest strategy. It’s a bit painful, but it works.

      Does anyone have any ideas to improve on this or any other way to make money in 2020?

    • Aaron Firestone
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      Damn! I wish I was making 3k a month here! I’m having a hard time breaking 100 a week on Actionate. I know making money online takes time, but I wish it was a bit easier.

      So about my million dollar business LOL, I’m using Q&A sites for my traffic source. I recently found out you can start a blog on Quora which is pretty cool.

      I’m going to try YouTube videos too (using them to drive traffic to Actionate).

      I’m also meeting a marketer in my area who’s making money online (way more than me) so I’ll let you guys know if I learn anything from that…

      Keep up the good work!

    • Kate Sareen
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      I wasn’t doing well with Actionate until the new $2 per engagement offer came out. It’s a great one and I’ve been making a good $50 a day with it.

      The blog post:

    • Jack Faulkes
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      I think the fastest way to make money online is YouTube. If you figure out the YT game, you can basically do anything you want, from selling physical products to affiliate marketing and lead generation.

      I was also thinking about making money with leadgen affiliate based websites, it’s basically something like Actionate. You can have your own affiliate program, and generate your own leads and make money with it.

      Anyway, just an idea.

      But for newbies, affiliate marketing is the best bet.

      • David Rosenfeld
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        I agree with Jack. YouTube is the best way to make money in 2020 and beyond. In general, online business and world is moving into the video and if you want to make money, YouTube is the place to start,

    • Aaron Firestone
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      I’m going to try dropshipping in 2020. I want to see what’s the buzz about. I’ve heard it seems easy but you realize it’s much harder when you get in.

      Maybe I should stick to affiliate marketing… LOL we’ll see what happens

    • Danny Darwin
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      What about Clickbank? I’m looking into clickbank affiliate marketing too.

      Here’s a topic, share your ideas if you have any:

    • Eric Clark
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      Here’s what I’m planning to do to make money in 2020. This is proven by many people and I know at least 10 marketers making 5k a month online with this:

      Step 1: You pick an affiliate product, from Clickbank or any other affiliate network.
      Step 2: You do a keyword research and find a keyword that is being searched related to that product. It shouldn’t be too popular because it’ll be hard to rank for it. For example if I’m promoting a keto diet product, the keyword would be “keto diet 2020”

      Step 3: I would buy the domain, then start writing content related to the subject. At first once a day for 7 days and then once a week.

      Within the content, I promote my affiliate link and make money.

      These websites rank great on Google search results and are a great way to make money online for free!

      Is anyone already doing this? let me know

    • Colin Brazendale
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      Wow Kate! You are doing great!

      May I ask what traffic you are using for this offer?

      Thank you

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