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    • Aaron Firestone
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      Hi everyone, I recently came across a long Clickbank training video on YouTube from Sean Bagheri and was wondering if anyone is doing what he is teaching in the video and if yes, how is it working out. Here’s the video:

      I also appreciate your feedback in case if you have any other methods for making money on Clickbank. The thing is Clickbank space is full of BS that it’s hard to find a working strategy, so share your Clickbank affiliate marketing results or tips!

    • Danny Darwin
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      I watched a video on YouTube a while ago about surveys and using the to make money on Clickbank using Facebook ads. It was simple: Survey page > opt-in > goes to Clickbank offer

      It’s a great way to also mask your clickbank affiliate link since you can’t directly advertise them on Facebook.

      I hope this helps!

    • Eric Clark
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      Speaking of Sean and clickbank training, he just posted a brand new video about making Clickbank commissions with Facebook. The idea is to create quiz pages, then drive FB traffic to get people answer 4 questions and send them to the Clickbank affiliate link. It’s pretty interesting. Here’s the video in case if you’re wondering:

    • Eric Clark
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      I’m going to try this but at the moment, my main Clickbank income is coming from SEO and random keyword based blogs I’ve created (learned it from Sean’s niche blogging success course). I got about 20 of them. They make me an average of $200 a week, which isn’t bad but im going to work on it more starting 2020.

    • Brandon Pearlman
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      I recently had a coaching session with my Aversity coach (he’s close to Sean), he mentioned that Sean is focusing on quiz funnels moving forward. Like, sending people to a quiz page, then sending them to Clickbank offers. If you think about it, that’s a very effective way to engage with someone and get them to check out the product, and at the same time, a great way to mask Clickbank products so you’re not advertising them directly.

Viewing 4 reply threads
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